Grazing Broker Handbook

Designed to assist landowners and livestock producers to develop lease relationships, Southwest Badger’s new Grazing Broker Handbook is a FREE starting place to quickly and easily find pertinent information. Most of the resources listed include website links for additional interest-specific information.

The Handbook includes:

  • How to rent land – strategies to value pasture rental, lease templates, and how to advertise.
  • Benefits of grazing – the best resources for the value of grazing, benefits to wildlife, and effect on soil health.
  • Tips for fencing and water systems to help you plan a grazing system.
  • Tips for planting – links to reading material to select optimum species for grazing.
  • Financial tools to plan and grow all types of grazing enterprises.

This handbook was compiled by Southwest Badger RC&D as part of the Grazing Broker and Mentorship Program for Future Livestock Programs, with support from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture.